Typical Installation Detail

Every stained glass installation has its own unique solution. The photo and “typical” detail shown here can provide good starting points for discovering an approach that is best suited for a specific project. Some variation on this detail is utilized in most of ASG’s projects. 013h LCAC copy

The thickness of a stained glass panel is approximately 5/16″. ASG typically suggests that the window framing system provide a 3/8” thick installation pocket to allow for glazing tape, shims and setting blocks. [NOTES: 1) For taller lites this pocket should be 1/2″ to accommodate horizontal saddle bars between stacked panels; 2) If protective glazing is required, the pocket-thickness will need to be increased accordingly.] See Anticipating Stained Glass: “Stop It!” for a more in-depth look or give us a call.

With aluminum framing systems, this pocket can easily be created with the addition of two sets of stops (sashes) to the basic window framing. These stops should be aluminum U-channel or square tube ranging from 1/2 x 1/2” to 3/4″ x 3/4”. Specifying stops in window framing details from the start assures a precise factory fit and color match between stops and framing. Including stops as part of the original window framing can also realize savings of up to 90% of the cost of their on-site retrofit into the windows at a later date.

Most of ASG’s installations rely on a version of this “typical” detail (click to enlarge):