Pricing, Contracts & Warranties


Just as the design for every project is a unique response to the expectations of the client and the dictates of site and architecture, pricing can vary significantly from one project to another. After you tell us about your specific stained glass needs and vision, ASG’s comprehensive, customized proposal will provide reliable, firm pricing details. ASG’s pricing is always competitive. Most of the time, you will find ASG’s all-inclusive pricing to be lower than our competition’s, while staying focussed on design, premium glass palettes, craftsmanship, overall responsiveness and attention to the details.


The format for ASG’s Proposals and Contracts was originally inspired by the AIA’s standard design-build contract. Over the years that format has evolved into a detailed stained-glass-specific document. Each contract is customized to accommodate the needs and concerns of your project, building committee, legal representative, contract department, office of worship, etc. As written, about 80% of the contract is devoted to ASG’s responsibilities and services. We believe the primary purpose of a good contract is communication.

ASG’s Contracts are structured in 2 parts: Design Services and Fabrication/Installation Services. Until you approve the design no further work can be done under the Contract and you are under no further obligation. Only after receiving the Fabrication Deposit indicating your approval of the design does ASG begin material acquisition and fabrication of the stained glass.

ASG’s carefully prepared Proposals and Contracts include ALL anticipated expenses. Additional services, reimbursable expenses, shipping & installation costs, etc. that can deceptively pad some proposals, are always built into ASG’s turn-key Proposals and Contracts which include:  

• Complete Pre-design & Design Services

• In-person Presentations & Site Visits

• All Travel-related Expenses

• Glass and Materials

• Fabrication Labor 

• Crating and Shipping

• Installation Labor and Expenses

Dual Warranties (see below)

• Telecommunications, Photocopying, Overnight Services, Mail, etc.

• Seamless Insurance of Materials & Completed Work (stored & in transit) from Fabrication thru Installation.

• Maintenance and Conservation Manual

• Photo Documentation

In the unlikely event that unforeseen expenses arise, you will be notified so that we can discuss options. During more than 40 years, the following is the single exception that proves the rule: A glazing contractor added an extra mullion to a window wall but forgot to let ASG know. What were planned as single panels of stained glass had to be cut in half and reconfigured. This was beyond ASG’s control and the extra expense was agreed to before the panels were re-sized. ASG was reimbursed only for the actual, unexpected expense, without markupThis lone exception underscores the reliability and thoroughness of ASG’s Proposals and Contracts. 


ASG guarantees its stained glass to be free from defects in material or craftsmanship for a period of One Year from the date of installation. This is the industry standard warranty period during which any weaknesses that could lead to glass cracks or breaks will have revealed themselves.