Jeff Smith & Architectural Stained Glass, Inc.

I spiraled into my career circuitously via several campuses while studying science and biology, philosophy and religion, landscape architecture, fine arts and, finally, stained glass. When I transferred to Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge to study Landscape Architecture, I had no idea a first semester color-theory course would immediately lead me into LSU’s groundbreaking stained glass program. Paul Dufour, my color-theory professor, happened to have recently established the first degree-conferring Stained Glass Program in the United States (BFA & MFA). You’ll find more tedious details at My Path to Stained Glass.

Following graduation from LSU, I founded Architectural Stained Glass, Inc. in Dallas. Later studies with German artist Ludwig Schaffrath, who’s been called the greatest stained glass artist since Gothic times, and Johannes Schreiter, another leading German designer, rounded out my academic experience with an emphasis on architectural context and environment.

Architectural Stained Glass, Inc. began as and continues to be an artist’s studioUnlike more commonplace production studios, ASG is primarily concerned with making art, not meeting payroll. I place great emphasis on a thorough collaborative design process. I listen to and work closely with the client and their design team. Once a design is approved, I personally select each sheet of glass from our importers and am directly involved with the fabrication of every panel of stained glass. A carefully trained team of artisans assists in fabrication. This hands-on approach allows me to faithfully translate designs into stained glass without the inevitable “loss-in-translation” that would otherwise be unavoidable.

As my work area expanded from Dallas across North America, it eventually dawned on me that my studio didn’t have to be in “megalopolis”. Soon after that realization, I built a new studio and home in the Davis Mountains of west Texas and in 2001 ASG, my wife and I relocated here. Logistics are not as daunting as one might think. After moving to the literal “end of the road,” I quickly perfected the dance that has allowed me and ASG to complete the largest projects of my career from the serenity of the Trans Pecos.

ASG’s accolades include multiple awards from the American Institute of Architects Interfaith Design Knowledge Community (formerly Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art & Architecture) and the Corning Museum of Glass. My stained glass is published regularly and exhibited internationally. These honors underscore ASG’s reputation for innovative design executed with impeccable craftsmanship using European mouthblown glass, all at surprisingly affordable, turnkey prices.

I hope you’ll like what you’ll see here. As a narcissistic artist working in a elusive, transparent medium, posting images on a website is a bit daunting. Try not to forget that, unlike static photos, when seen in person, stained glass is an ever-changing and extremely three- (or more-) dimensional experience. If you like these images, you’re going to love the real thing! Read what others have said.

It will be my honor and pleasure to explore stained glass possibilities with you. Please let me know whenever you have questions or I can help in any way!


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