Taylor Residence

Fort Davis, Texas

Architect: Marvin Watson, AIA

Eye on the Lion, Bath/Shower Windows
Two at 1.2' w. by 4.7' h. each

With a grand view to Sleeping Lion Mountain, the most prominent local landmark, Lonn and Dede didn’t want to obscure their vista – neither are they particularly exhibitionist. These stained glass windows solved the dilemma!Using a rich range of “white” opal glass as a privacy-insuring starting point, these two windows preserve views to landscape and sky with strategically placed clear, mouthblown and rolled glasses. Accents of pale color and creative lead-work add interest.

Materials: German and French mouthblown glass, rolled domestic glass, lead and solder. Stained glass is encapsulated inside of insulated glass units (I.G.U.'s).