Nave Windows: ‘The Life of Christ’

St. Matthew Catholic Church
Windham, New Hampshire

Architect: deCastro Nelson Associates, Dedham, MA; Antonio P. deCastro, AIA

Christ on Earth Windows
Twelve at 4.0' w. by 7.3' h. each

Along each side of the Nave, twelve colorful and narrative windows tell of the events and teachings from Christ’s time on Earth. Their colorful stories stand in contrast to more otherworldly, achromatic themes wafting in the upper windows.

These twelve windows in the Nave (also Vesting Sacristy, Reconciliation Chapel and Choir Room) rely on rich, saturated color to symbolize our corporal reality on Earth. From the Annunciation through the Ascension, these windows tell the stories of the time Jesus spent among us. Wherever white glass is seen in these windows, it indicates God’s reassuring presence or action among us. The subtleties of the these colorful, transparent “paintings” slowly reveal themselves over time, allowing parishioners to find their own personal meaning.

Patterns of light progress across the Nave as sun arcs through its daily and seasonal rounds. Views through the windows change as shadows, foliage and clouds come and go. The windows’ exteriors also change as sunlight gives way to a glowing interior at night. This fully three dimensional and constantly changing experience has become a comforting, yet dynamic part of worship at St. Matthew.

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You are spoken of often.  You are present to us each and every visit to church.  We celebrated our 40th anniversary recently by having a special Mass.  Many of our friends visited St. Matthew for the first time and were in awe.  Father Don joined us afterwards and chatted about the windows.  The consensus was that the church is alive!

Joan Donahue, Parishioner, St. Matthew Catholic Church, Windham, NH

Materials: German, French and Domestic Mouthblown Glass; Machine- and Hand- rolled Glass; Hand-pressed Lenses; Lead; Solder.