St. Bridget: Nave & Clerestories

Seattle, Washington

View from Baptistry to Altar: “Creation” Clerestory flanked by “God’s Gift’s” Windows

"Creation" Clerestory stained glass window; imported, mouthblown glass, dichroic glass, prisms.

"Creation" Clerestory: unobscured view from Altar table. German mouthblown glass with prisms.

"Creation" Clerestory": side view: mouthblown German opal glass.

View from left Nave Window past Altar to right Nave Window (“Creation” above.)

Nave Window, St. Bridget, Seattle, Washington: Jeff G. Smith, Architectural Stained Glass, Inc.

Nave Window: view from Marian Rose Garden. Note reflective German opal glass.

Right (Choir) Nave Window, "God's Gifts"; German mouthblown and dichroic glass.

"God the Father" Clerestory stained glass window.

Detail of "God the Father" Clerestory stained glass window: European mouthblown glass.

"God the Son" Clerestory stained glass window: German mouthblown glass, prisms, dichroic.

Detail: "God the Son" Clerestory stained glass: mouthblown glass, lead-crystal prisms.

"God the Holy Spirit" Clerestory. European mouthblown glass, dichroic glass, prisms, etching.

Stained Glass, Spring 2005: quarterly journal of the Stained Glass Association of America