1940’s Renovation & Addition

Dallas, Texas

Street-view of renovated house and Sunroom: Stained glass windows.

Sunroom Stained Glass Windows: Imported mouthblown glass and lenses.

Bathroom Window (Phase II): German mouthblown glass and fire-polished lenses.

Exterior view of Bathroom Window showing reflective German opal and opak glasses

Holiday Card Rendering showing parts of all 3 stained glass phases.

Exterior of Addition and "An Evolution of Flight" stained glass windows.

"An Evolution of Flight": Jeff G.Smith, Architectural Stained Glass, Inc., Texas

Corner view of 3 of 7 windows made with German mouthblown glass.

Detail showing “white” mouthblown German opal glass with amber and blue shifts.

Corner view of 4 of 7 windows made with European mouthblown glass.

View from Master Bedroom Suite: 2 of 7 stained glass windows.

Detail from Master Bedroom Suite with German mouthblown opal glass and lenses.