Private Residence

Pine Bluff, Arkansas

3.8' w. by 5.8' h.

I first devised windowless stained glass as an alternative to garishly backlit stained glass when a window was unavailable. In this case, the window was there, but views were not wanted.The stained glass must provide privacy and screening from views in and out. By etching the silvered side of the mirror with a complementary design and installing it several inches behind the stained glass, some interesting things happen. For one, daylight streams through the etched areas subtly illuminating the stained glass and jacuzzi area. The part of the mirror that remains silvered is able to reflect interior light back into the room. The reflective, silvered mirror restores an impression of depth and space – a window!?

In daylight the etched areas look very similar to the filmy white opal glass. At night the etched areas become dark and the silvered areas take over. Dichroic accents add interest, rhythm and color. The result is a window that goes through an exciting progression as day and night merge from one into the other.

Materials: Etched mirror behind German and French mouthblown glass, domestic rolled glass, dichroic glass, lead and solder.