First United Methodist Church

Duncanville, Texas

Architect: Booziotis and Associates, Dallas

Altar Cross
7.0' w. by 16.0' h. by 0.4' d.

When I became aware of this project, lighting possibilities were limited to front lighting from below the cross. This was my primary concern as I grappled with the design. The result is a stained glass Cross in a “shadow box” cross lined with mirror. Several textures of clear transparent glass, white opal and opak glasses and dichroic glass accents allow light to freely play in and out of the stained glass. White opal glass defines the cross while sparkling dichroic colors glimmer unexpectedly with a mere shift of the viewer’s head.

The stained glass and mirror are contained in a white powder-coated aluminum and steel cross (in five separate units that were assembled on site). A hydraulic lift raised the cross up to be suspended from stainless steel cable slings and turnbuckles which are swaged onto eyebolts on the laminated ceiling beam.

Materials: German mouthblown glass, dichroic glass, mirror, lead, solder; Framed in powder coated aluminum and steel frame under tempered glass