American Airlines Admirals Club

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Collection Curator: Michael E. Thomas Associates, Dallas, TX

Architect for Renovation: Harris Design, Inc., Dallas, TX

Resolution Suite
Three at 6.0' w by 4.0' h. each

Visible from both sides, the dance of light within and around Resolution Suite is a visual highlight of travelers’ visits to this art-filled American Airlines’ Admirals Club at DFW.The three translucent panels comprising Resolution Suite were designed for partition walls that define seating/computing areas in the Admirals Club in Terminal B. Sand-etched “canvasses” provide visual separation while projected and reflected light dance across their surfaces. Glass lenses glisten with subtle, yet ever-changing highlights and unexpected refractions from multiple light sources.

1273 clear glass lenses are laminated onto the etched, tempered glass with optically-clear, UV adhesive. The lenses are applied on both sides of the “canvasses” in complementary patterns that combine in shifting front- and back-lighting. In addition to ambient light that plays through Resolution Suite, carefully planned recessed down-lights project a myriad of tiny highlights from the lenses onto the etched glass “canvasses”. Late afternoons are especially interesting when the setting sun reflects/projects off of/through Resolution Suite (if you’re lucky enough to catch the effect before attendants lower the binds).

Materials: Etched tempered glass, German fire-polished lenses, optically-clear UV adhesive.