Washington Hebrew Congregation

Washington, DC

Washington Hebrew Congregation, DC: Jeff G. Smith, Architectural Stained Glass, Inc., Texas

The Five Books of Moses (Torah Windows) (Main Entry lobby) Mouthblown glass.

Five Books of Moses in direct sun: Boris Feldblyum Photography © 2006

The Five Books of Moses (Torah Windows) (Night view) Imported mouthblown glass.

Genesis (Bereshit) Window: German mouthblown glass, cast lenses, dichroic glass.

Exodus (Shemot) Window: Books of Moses: European mouthblown glass, lenses, dichroic glass.

Leviticus (Va-Yikra) Window: Imported mouthblown glass, cast & dichronized lenses.

Numbers (Be-Midbar) stained glass window: German mouthblown glass, dichroic glass, lenses.

Deuteronomy (Devarim), Washington Hebrew Congregation: Architectural Stained Glass, Inc., Fort Davis, Texas

Deuteronomy (Devarim) Window: outside looking in (day); mouthblown and dichroic glass.

Cover article for Construction Specifier Magazine June 1994