Center for Arts & Education at The Point

Dallas, Texas

Artist Citation Award
Texas Society of Architects/American Institute of Architects

Architect: Perkins Eastman Architects PC, Chicago, IL; Carlo Salvador, AIA

Design Collaboration: C. C. Young Senior Living Community

Main Window
10.4' w. by 15.2' h.

Narrow Windows
Three at 1.2' w. by 15.2' h. each

Entry Door Windows
Two at 1.2' w. by 4.9' h. each

The stained glass in this jewel-box chapel encourages introspection and reflection with colorful views to sculpture garden and sky.Universal symbolism of light/enlightenment acknowledge the Body-Mind-Spirit theme at C. C. Young Senior Living. German and French mouthblown glass shimmer with watercolor-like gradations caused by variations of thickness within sheets of glass. The lighter colors rise in the window with crystalline views out past sculpture to landscaped atrium, trees and sky. Darker, more saturated color in the lower areas provide a sense of privacy. Hand-pressed, fire-polished German lenses add interest and sparkle with their tiny, inverted imagery.

Stained glass Entry Doors announce the chapel and differentiate it from the classrooms, galleries, theater, restaurant, health spa and offices that make up the Center for Arts & Education at The Point on the C. C. Young Assisted Living campus. Three Narrow Windows located directly opposite of entry doors are colorfully welcome visitors to the Chapel and direct one’s gaze to the Main Window.

In the lower sections of the Main Window warm saturated color symbolizes Earthly reality while cool greens and blue greens anticipate the courtyard beyond. As in the Narrow Windows, scrolling ribbons waft into and out of sight representing Mind as our physical selves strive toward Spirit/Light. Bright, colorless German and French antique glass and clear plate glass enframe the view to The Corpus of Christ, Jim Cinquemani’s powerful Corten steel sculpture. Ripples expanding across the Main Window add to a sense of resurrection/ascension. These ripples continue into the three Narrow Windows. Clear German lenses sparkle downward as reminders of the Creator’s gifts. In the window’s upper left corner where direct sun strikes the window only around the time of the Summer Solstice, a single lead-crystal prism projects tiny spectra into the chapel at midsummer.


Thank you for the beautiful work you created and installed at The Point at CC Young. And thank you for posting the information about its creation and your background on your website. My father is moving to CC Young next month, and your artwork has provided profound comfort during this difficult transition in our lives after the loss of my mother. I wish she could have seen your creation but my sense is that she can. Your jewel box helps me feel closer to her and assured CC Young is the right place for my dad.

Family of a Resident, Dallas, TX

Jeff Smith completed stained glass windows for our award winning Center for Arts and Education at The Point on the campus of C. C. Young. Jeff encountered some challenges in that he had to coordinate his work with another artist’s completed sculpture, work closely with the general contractor and an aggressive schedule, on top of which he came in replacing another artist who was unable to work within the construction schedule. Jeff’s professionalism and personality caused the complexity of the project to be easily coordinated and executed. He adapted his talent to the work space and the time frame.

Kenneth T. Durand, President & CEO, C. C. Young, Dallas, TX

The first time my wife and I visited The Point we were struck by the beauty of the stained glass. The work is beautiful at any time, but in the afternoon when the sun shines on it, it is gorgeous. Thanks for your work. Please know it is of lasting enjoyment for all.

Paul M. Harris, Dallas, TX

Materials: German and French mouthblown glass, domestic rolled glass, German hand-pressed lenses, lead and solder.