First Congregational Church

Boulder, Colorado

Helical Round Chapel emerging from its rectilinear context. Meditation Window in center.

Meditation & Upper stained glass windows showing reflective, mouthblown German opal glass.

Quiet verticality from below bursts into the Upper stained glass window.

Round Chapel interior with Meditation and Upper stained glass windows.

Darker color in lower “Meditation” Window flows up into brighter Upper Window.

"Meditation" in midday sun (L) and first rays of sunrise (R).

Lower "Meditation" reflections in pool. Stained glass made of mouthblown imported glasses.

Middle "Meditation" window with cross: Mouthblown German glass, opal lenses.

First Congregational Church, Boulder, Colorado: Jeff G. Smith, Architectural Stained Glass, Inc.

Detail: First Congregational Church, Boulder: Jeff G. Smith, Architectural Stained Glass, Inc.

"Dove"(L) and Upper Windows: imported mouthblown glass and clear lenses.

“Hidden” Window with German mouthblown glass, dichroic border, Austrian lead-crystal prisms.